Welcome to the Biographical Interview Show Featuring Cultural Figures from America's #1 Bar - F.X. McRory's in Seattle

Legendary football coach Mike Leach of Washington State University. New York Times Best Selling Author, subject of CBS 60 Minutes, recipient of 3 'National Coach of The Year' Awards and towering figure in changing the direction of how winning football is played. A 'Renaissance Man'- on and off the field- from 'Geronimo' to the 'Air Raid'- meet the man behind the legend in a cerebral spoken portrait.



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Don't miss a special show on the Baby Boomer Generation. The "Class of 65" has long been the focus of media- the product of 'America's Greatest Generation'. The group that JFK spoke of in 'passing the torch'. Coming of age in the Sixties and rocketing to the moon and into the digital age and beyond. Hear about the life and times and how they changed the country.



Ken Zeran has enjoyed a distinguished career in broadcasting. As a producer in New York, he premiered many broadcast firsts on the CBS Television Network. Collaborating with many of the culture's outstanding talents brought him around the world in covering major events in exotic locations. He directed with London Weekend Television. Nationally distinguished by Sigma Delta Chi for Public Service in Journalism, Zeran has conducted countless interviews with leading personalities of our times. He produced over twenty features with LeRoy Neiman, the renowned artist and creator of the painting "F.X. McRory's Whiskey Bar". He lives in Seattle.


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